100 Orang Yang Mempunyai IQ Tinggi Di Dunia

Leonardo da vinci CATATAN : IQ manusia normal : 90 – 100


1.Leonardo da Vinci Universal Genius,asal Italy, IQ 220

2.Johann Wolfgang von Goethe — Germany 210

3.Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz — Germany 205

4.Emanuel Swedenborg — Sweden 205

5.William James Sidis — USA 200

6.Kim Ung-Yong — Korea 200

7.Thomas Wolsey Politician England 200

8.Hugo Grotius Writer Holland 200

9.Sir Francis Galton Scientist & doctor England 200

10.John Stuart Mill Universal Genius England 200

11.Christopher Langan Bouncer & scientist & philosopher
USA 195

12.Sarpi Councilor & theologian & historian Italy 195

13.George H. Choueiri A.C.E Leader Lebanon 195

14.Blaise Pascal Mathematician & religious philosopher France 195

15.Ludwig Wittgenstein Philosopher Austria 190

16.Phillipp Melanchthon Humanist & theologian Germany 190

17.PierreSimon de Laplace Astronomer & mathematician France

18.Philip Emeagwali Mathematician Nigeria 190

19.William Pitt (the Younger) Politician England 190

20.Voltaire Writer France 190

21.Albrecht von Haller Medical scientist Switzerland 190

22.George Berkeley Philosopher Ireland 190

23.Garry Kasparov Chess player Russia 190

24.Sir Isaac Newton Scientist England 190

25.Friedrich von Schelling Philosopher Germany 190

26.Arnauld Theologian France 190

27.Bobby Fischer Chess player USA 187

28.Marilyn vos Savant Writer USA 186

29.Galileo Galilei Physicist & astronomer & philosopher Italy

30.Joseph Louis Lagrange Mathematician & astronomer Italy/
France 185

31.Ren Descartes Mathematician & philosopher France 185

32.Lord Byron Poet & writer England 180

33.David Hume Philosopher & politician Scotland 180

34.John H. Sununu Chief of Staff for President Bush USA 180

35.James Woods Actor USA 180

36.Madame de Stael Novelist & philosopher France 180

37.Charles Dickens Writer England 180

38.Thomas Chatterton Poet & writer England 180

39.Alexander Pope Poet & writer England 180

40.Buonarroti Michelangelo Artist, poet & architect Italy 180

41.Benjamin Netanyahu Israeli Prime Minister Israel 180

42.Arne Beurling Mathematician Sweden 180

43.Baruch Spinoza Philosopher Holland 175

44.Johannes Kepler Mathematician, physicist & astronomer
Germany 175

45.Immanuel Kant Philosopher Germany 175

46.Robert Byrne Chess Player Irland 170

47.Johann Strauss Composer Germany 170

48.Hypatia Philosopher & mathematician Alexandria 170

49.Richard Wagner Composer Germany 170

50.Andrew J. Wiles Mathematician England 170

51.Sofia Kovalevskaya Mathematician & writer Sweden/Russia

52.Dr David Livingstone Explorer & doctor Scotland 170

53.Donald Byrne Chess Player Irland 170

54.Martin Luther Theorist Germany 170

55.Judith Polgar Chess player Hungary 170

56.Plato Philosopher Greece 170

57.George Friedrich H?ndel Composer Germany 170

58.Raphael Artist Italy 170

59.Felix Mendelssohn Composer Germany 165

60.Truman Cloak — – 165

61.JohnLocke Philosopher England 165

62.Ludwig van Beethoven Composer Germany 165

63.Charles Darwin Naturalist England 165

64.Carl von Linn Botanist Sweden 165

65.Johann Sebastian Bach Composer Germany 165

66.James Watt Physicist & technician Scotland 165

67.Friedrich Hegel Philosopher Germany 165

68.Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Composer Austria 165

69.Jola Sigmond Teacher Sweden 161

70.Dolph Lundgren Actor Sweden 160

71.Bill Gates CEO, Microsoft USA 160

72.Albert Einstein Physicist USA 160

73.George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans) Writer England 160

74.Paul Allen Microsoft cofounder USA 160

75.Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomer Poland 160

76.Joseph Haydn Composer Austria 160

77.Benjamin Franklin Writer, scientist & politician USA 160

78.James Cook Explorer England 160

79.Stephen W. Hawking Physicist England 160

80.Sir Clive Sinclair Inventor England 159

81.Honor de Balzac Writer France 155

82.Anthonis van Dyck Artist Belgium 155

83.Miguel de Cervantes Writer Spain 155

84.Ralph Waldo Emerson Writer USA 155

85.Rembrandt van Rijn Artist Holland 155

86.Jonathan Swift Writer & theologian England 155

87.Sharon Stone Actress USA 154

88.John Quincy Adams President USA 153

89.George Sand Writer France 150

90.Rousseau Writer France 150

91.Jayne Mansfield — USA 149

92.H. C. Anderson Writer Denmark 145

93.Bonaparte Napoleon Emperor France 145

94.Richard Nixon Ex-President USA 143

95.Hjalmar Schacht Nazi officer Germany 143

96.Adolf Hitler Nazi leader Germany 141

97.Shakira Singer Colombia 140

98.Hillary Clinton Ex-President wife USA 140

99.Geena Davis Actress USA 140

100.Jean M. Auel Writer Canada 140


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3 Responses to “100 Orang Yang Mempunyai IQ Tinggi Di Dunia”

  1. 1 Bob Long
    July 1, 2009 at 9:39 pm

    So…. how was this list brought about?

    Some of these brilliant people are well known, but you left out Karl Johann Friedrich Gauss, possibly the greatest mathematician of them all (just ask mathematicians). I’ve seen estimations of his IQ at 170-180 but it was probably higher because he left a lot of things unpublished.

    Garry Kasparov at 190? Where did this come from? I’ve seen his IQ pegged at 125 and heard he was furious.

    I’ve seen Isaac Newton’s at 130, which seems way off.

    This list, unless you give us details, has no credibility.

    I’ve seen Marilyn vos Savant at 220 yet you have here in the 180s.

    Again, how was this list compiled?

  2. July 14, 2009 at 9:56 am

    Thanks for this post!

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